SEM ERP is a bespoke solution designed for project-based organizations such as shipyards and constructors. With over 16 years of industry experience, the creators of SEM ERP have developed a system that caters to the unique production needs of these businesses. Each module has been tested in real-time projects, ensuring a seamless adaptation for any organization. SEM ERP is more than a tool, it's a partner for your success.

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Benefits and Functions of ERP Software

Increases Efficiency

ERP software ensures that all your business processes work efficiently and thus increases the performance of your business.

Flexible in Design

ERP software is customizable and modular for your business. In this way, it can be adapted to the needs of your business.

Manages Operations

ERP software provides the management of all your business processes in one place.It also optimizes your operations.

Reduces Costs

ERP software reduces costs because it manages all your departments on a single platform.


Human Resources

SEM ERP streamlines the installation of Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) for main organizations and subcontractors. It manages all employee tasks and administrative works, and allows easy tracking of shifts and working hours

Electronic Document Management (EDM)

SEM ERP enables efficient document management based on content and project. It allows easy tracking of document revisions, customer-class remarks, and distribution of hardcopies.

Project Management

SEM ERP provides a parametric coding system for programs, projects, and activities. It offers Gantt and Simulator Online MsProject, and allows project tracking of customers and subcontractors.

Quality & Change Management

Quality & Change Management SEM ERP provides a parametric setup for change request and to-do management. It includes meeting management via change management, Outlook Risk Management, and automatic notifications and reminders.

Inventory & Stock Management

SEM ERP allows preparation of Bill of Materials to any level and automatic inventory definition. It enables easy tracking of equipment lead time, Purchase Orders, Agreements, and Quality Control Systems.

Subcontractor Management

SEM ERP makes it easy to create and modify contract text. It provides automatic progress payments calculation and easy addition of security deposits or other charges to billings/payrolls.

Finance & Budget

SEM ERP allows comparison of planned budget and real cost. It supports periodic budget and project budget, and enables budget control before purchasing and tracking of incomes and expenses.

Sales & After Sales

SEM ERP allows customer proposals and tracking of warranty period of delivered vessel and all inventory. It provides an interface for end users to create warranty claim easily and includes cost management tools for maintenance and services.

SEMERP Project Modules

SEM Project Server
  • Unlimited users with integration across multiple systems.

  • Support for MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB.

  • Project-based smart cache feature and optional cloud services.

  • Unlimited project creation with task, project, and program-based calendar support.

  • No additional costs required.

  • Role-based authentication on the SEM server with smart project locking.

  • SEM-Gantt based constrained structure with a feature to update entire projects or only sync changes.

  • SEM-side activity properties update, including categories, type, WBS, job type, work center, ActBase, etc.

  • Client-side smart sync logger for error prevention and calendar sync on SEM-ERP for selected projects.

SEM Project Gantt
  • Supports unlimited projects/programs with web-based Gantt like MS Project.

  • Advanced task scheduling using dependencies, constraints, and calendars, with program-based constraints and scheduling.

  • Quick form for SEM-ERP properties, recurrent and fixed time intervals for calendars, and support for huge projects.

  • Context menus, project/task/resource calendars, and full project XML export.

SEM Project Import/Export
  • Supports MPP, XML, XLS, XLSX file types for project import, and XML for project export.

  • Allows direct import/export using the MS Project SEM Add-in and use of the desired calendar for transfers.

  • Experience a holistic and streamlined approach to project management with our ERP solution, designed for professionals seeking efficiency, scalability, and integration.

SEM Project Weighting
  • Manual and automatic weighting for all WBS levels and categories, with automatic calculation weight for percentage excluding manual weighting.

SEM Project Simulation
  • Offers unlimited simulation projects per project with all gantt properties and web-based Gantt.

  • One-click application of simulation project to the project with support for applied, draft, and closed modes.